This book seeks to answer the questions of who created man, the meaning of life and mortality from a scholarly standpoint. In this construct, Christianity, Judaism, Islamic and other Irreligion doctrines provided the lenses that counter the various anchored held suppositions. These assumptions coupled with the individual strong held belief have resulted in the battle of global worldviews, pinning creationism against humanism or vice-versa.  Research and literature noted the duplicitousness of these various hypotheses. Fascinating and intellectual stimulating academic materials used for these counter theoretical frameworks.

Catechized herein were various leadership styles that have led to high global mortality rates. Contrary, these global leaderships have equally saved the lives of humans from several wars and catastrophes. Trumpism (The United States President Donald J. Trump) is a contemporary and theoretical leadership style hybrid or that is between the transactional and situational archetypes. Transformational, collective or bad leadership styles have equally affected the lives of humans. In this opus, various leaders from developing to developed nations were used as examples to support the various scholarly discourses.

Technologies have made the lives of humans easier and not lazier. The collaborated efforts of the Data Analysts (DA), Data Scientists (DS) and Information Analysts (IAs) have resulted in the Internet of Things (#IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (#IIoT), all spun from insights gleaned from big datasets leading to the origin of man, life and mortality. The meaning of fulfill life was illustrated here, even the daily active exercises routinely kept a person agile, healthy and that extends the life of a man was examined. In terms of mortality, the literature noted how biotech firms like Bioquark. Merck and other similar companies are not only saving the lives of humans but also rejuvenating dead cells, stimulating frozen dead neurons in brains and bringing dead people alive again (Loftus, 2016; Pastor, 2017). The irony of all ironies within this narrative revealed that zealot’s religious extremists globally are terminating the lives of humans based on their so-called enclosed interpreted doctrines. What a dichotomy!


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