Dear Colleagues,

I, the Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Disruptive Technology (JOFDT), a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal, invites you to submit abstracts, short papers, research-in-progress papers, and full-research papers for publication. The journal is indexed, by major indexing agencies. Submission of an article or abstract may be undertaken through our online platform. JOFDT uses Open Journal Systems (OJS), an open-source software application for managing and publishing scholarly journals. See our paper-submission process.

Most significantly, these papers could be on artificial intelligence innovation (e.g., self-driven-cars innovation and or new nanotechnology in solar systems) or alternative energies that will disrupt existing systems, in the coming years. Your abstracts on the Internet of Things, Internet of Industrial of Things, Big Data, futuristic innovative technologies that will disrupt the economic or political landscape in the next five to ten years should be submitted. You may choose to submit an abstract on the dynamic components of various archetypes of leadership if and when implemented will result in future positive disruptions. The same applies to positively disruptive conceptions, constructs, and concepts.

The Journal of Disruptive Technology emerged in 2007, registered under the United States Library of Congress (Reg: 1948-5859). JOFDT has as an option to its standard review process, a fast-track option, which facilitates one of the fastest review processes in the industry (between 4 to 6 weeks). If accepted, your paper would be made available to millions of readers worldwide through high-profile ‘Open Access’ research platforms and indexed by major search engines. The signature fast-track process and its speed do not mean any less thoroughness or rigor applied in the process. The journal has a mission, thus it is sensitive to the timeliness of disruptive technology, innovation, and positively disruptive concepts and or constructs. In the best cases, a submission can contribute to the improvement of lives and livelihoods. Such submissions should all the more adhere to all the guidelines of the journal. You are invited to visit and see some of our selected abstracts since inception: and please submit an abstract.

Please read the Aims/Scope and ensure your paper complies with the format before submission as indicated in the guidelines therein:

✔ Submit your article using the relevant APA submission template provided herein or use relevant journalistic writing with size 12 fonts, double-spaced for submission.

✔ By submitting, all authors agree to the submission and agree that the corresponding author(s) may act on their behalf throughout the review and publication process.

✔ Critically important, please obtain permission for any citations of personal communications or unpublished results; this should be confirmed in your covering message.

✔ Use continuous line numbering throughout the manuscript, to facilitate online reviewing.

✔ Ensure that citations of references in the text and references list conform to APA journalistic style.

✔ Indicate the subject category for the paper through the online submission form in Editorial Manager.

✔ Provide 3-5 keywords for the paper through the online submission form in Editorial Manager.

✔ Obtain the names and contact details of up to three potential reviewers (optional).

✔ For the initial blind review, all author names, affiliations and acknowledgements should be removed from all material submitted.

More importantly, on behalf of the editorial board (meet our editorial Board Members), we invite you to submit your paper that will add to the global body of knowledge through indexing and open access.


Prof. Dr Joseph Aluya, the Editor-In-Chief. Or Email the


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