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Our policy: The Journal of Disruptive Technology (JOFDT) is a multidisciplinary journal with a mission to facilitate online (advanced) learning, research, and experience in collaboration with its publishing of peer-reviewed articles to educate, enhance, positively disrupt while adding to the body of knowledge globally. The Journal of Disruptive Technology emerged in 2007, registered under the United States Library of Congress (Reg: 1948-5859).

JOFDT welcomes the submission of manuscripts that would contribute significantly to human progress and the body of knowledge in the space of disruptive technology, innovation, and positively disruptive concepts and or constructs. Therefore, the Journal of Disruptive Technology welcomes abstracts, short papers, research-in-progress papers, full-research papers, and or full-length articles, and commentaries. It is our practice to circulate galley proofs prior to final submission and each manuscript is printed with the submission date, the revision date, and an acceptance date.

While the traditional operational functions of the journal include peer review, editing, mark-up, typesetting, proofing, printing, and distribution of the paper texts; the journal’s operation has established well-formed processes in the areas of the editorial, the peer review, publication archiving and access provision. Therefore, your work must be authentic/original based on well-researched materials that will contribute and enhance the body of knowledge globally.

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about a process encountered, please feel free to contact the office of the Editor-In-Chief(s): Drjaluya@jofdt.com or editors@jofdt.com

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