The Origin of Man, Life and Mortality



Within the body of collated collegiate work, I seek to explain and examine the contra-positions of various doctrines (teachings) on the origin of man, meaning of life and mortality. “Man” in this study defined and referred to as human beings. This journey takes me formally and informally to the in-depth conceptualization of the meaning of life, origin of man and mortality in the examinations of the anthropologists, agnostics, atheists and co-religionists, evolutionists, pantheists, polytheists, and into some philosophical or zoroastrianal assumed accurate accounts of the aforesaid topic. Simplified, zoroastrianism is the study of philosophers dating back over 1000 years ago seeking to finding the root “causes” of why man exist and why man is called man or why life is called life. A doctrine that straddled the oceanic abyss or that explores the caves and the mountains seeking answers within the cosmos or constellations of the galaxies into finding life, origin of man and mortality.

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Dr Joseph Aluya


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