Solar and wind technologies are inextricably intertwined with leadership styles and political considerations



Leadership styles and political considerations are inextricably intertwined with any transition from hydro-power, to solar and wind disruptive technologies. This study explains without understanding and deploying various leadership styles to cognitively and effectively implement solar and wind as alternative energy, no superior alchemy will lead to full implementation of solar and wind from proposal to fruition. Even when all leadership styles are deployed, political consideration becomes the vital axis for the transition juxtaposed within the various leadership styles. Authoritarian, collective, situational, transactional, and transformational leadership styles are elucidated to expansively explains this phenomenon. From developing nations using hydro-power source of energy that have resulted in consistent epileptic brownouts to rural areas in developed nations, strategic leadership planning horizons have been reduced to tactical managers time frame. Visionary strategic leaders planning of three to five years are reduced to three to six months due to situational technological happenstances. Situational leadership styles are trumping other type of leadership styles due to interconnections, interdependence, and economic uncertainties in the energy sector. A global mind-shift is now adopted in reduction of time frame when implementing solar and wind as an alternative energy.

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Dr. Joseph Aluya






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