Leadership, Real Estate and Disruptive Technology: Technological Situational Happenstances (2nd Edition).



Disrupters are disrupting the disruptors in the inchoate and newly creative innovative technologies (newbies). And how does the market tectonically shift in favor of the disrupters? Cantankerously provocative discussions within this magnum opus work is whether or not Apple Corporation as a disrupter can definitively continue to maintain its sustainability in the post Steve Jobs era? How is the leadership style of Timothy D. Cook defined? With Microsoft Surface and other competitors trying to halve Apple huge market share, will Tim Cook remove his foot off the gas pedal of technological innovation? What is creative innovation and creative destruction? Using Technological Situational Happenstance’s (TSH), case studies of Apple, AOL Time Warner, Hewlett-Packard, UPS, Nokia, and Yahoo were used to illustrate and explicate this phenomenon (Aluya, 2007, 2008 & 2010; Greenspan, 2008; kahney, 2011).What is Cloud Computing (iCloud) and Planetary Computing (iPlanetary)?
How is the United States recession defined? With TSH, various analytic data were used to illustrate the benefits of the Obama bailout money and the consequences of no action thereof (Akerson, 2010; Kathleen, 2010; Labonte, & Makinen, 2002).What are toxic papers and the concatenations of historical events that cascaded the United States into recession in the first place? Scholarship critics’ contraposes, juxtaposes and came up with competing hypotheses as to why the prostrated United States economic recovery remains anemic (Sieber & Sabatier, 2003).

Further, irrespective of the interdisciplinary, epistemological, pedagogical and etymological differences in the interpretation of leadership, leaders in organizations used TSH to cognitively and efficaciously transform and disrupt the systems (Bass 1985, 1996, & 1977; Burns, 1978, 2002, 2003, & 2006, Erickson, Shaw, & Agade, 2007). TSH permeates various layers of leadership styles in organizations, in the real estate market from 1880s to present and other industrial settings. So, the question thus become how is the convoluted, obscured and the psychology of leadership defined?”

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Dr. Joseph Aluya, D.B.A






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