Complexity of Leadership, Organizations and the Real Estate Industry



Unlike previous books on disruptive systems, the concept of this book specifi cally challenges the existing anchored systems in leadership styles, in organizations and the real estate industry. Components within the systems are the hard and soft powers that fall under the purview of transformational leadership styles. Nye (2008) explained smart power to mean “tapping into diverse sources of the U.S. power to attract other countries”(p.34). Smart power consists of hard and soft powers (Nye & Armitage, 2007). Within the systems are other elements, such as the value chains or supply chains, front and back offi ces, functional operable machines, disruptive technologies, marketing, manpower, capital, human capital and intellect that lead to optimal production of
goods and services (Porter, 1980b, 1985, 1990; Porter & Stern, 2001). Presently and in the late 21st century, academicians and scholars are challenged to a new paradigm of pedagogic thinking triggered from Disruption of an Existing Systems (henceforth known as DES).

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Dr Joseph Aluya


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