Biofuels has become disruptive technology to the global energy market




In this study, the research showed that the success of a disruptive energy technology like Biofuels depended on: (a) the politics and the leadership of the industry as related to the disruptive energy technology; (b) minimizing the social and ecological disruption associated with the disruptive energy technology; (c) a decline in the fossil fuel’s supply; (d) an increased in the global demand for energy; (e) the sustainability of the disruptive energy source; (f) creative destruction enhances the Biofuel industry; (g) using the disruptive energy technology to create assessable opportunities; and (h) potential nominal investment risks to investors. This paper concludes that even though the focus of a sustainable fuel source like Biofuel was to increase local employment while increasing sales in the production of related products, it should be noted that the multiple geographies and technologies surrounding the production of a sustainable fuel resource increased risk to the investors.



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Dr Joseph Aluya


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