JOFDT (Reg:1948-5859) in a nutshell

Our mission is to provide online learning, researching, and experience in collaboration with posting of peer-reviewed articles to educate, enhance and add to the body of knowledge globally

Our purpose is to serve as a conduit for doctoral learners, colleagues, and researchers to publish their articles that contribute and become addictive to the body of knowledge globally.

Peer Review

Our peer-reviewed process reflects the necessary rigor and scrutiny needed to bring forth the submission’s essence. Such submissions should be novel and substantial.

Since our distribution is global, our reviewers follow guidelines that are thorough and rigorous. In addition, each submission has a dedicated quantitative and/or qualitative review, and unnecessary delays to the submission’s publication are kept to a minimum.

Our Submission Process

It is our practice to circulate galley proofs prior to final submission and each manuscript is printed with the submission date, the revision date, and an acceptance date.

While the traditional operational functions of the journal include peer review, editing, mark-up, typesetting, proofing, printing, and distribution of the paper texts; the journal’s operation has established well-formed processes in the areas of the editorial, the peer review, publication archiving and access provision.

Editorial Board

Dr. Joseph Aluya is the Director of Aluya Institute of Strategic Management (Global Mindset) in California and the author of the following books: (a) Disruptive Technology Meets the Biofuels Industry: Biofuels Global Implications (b) Complexity of Leadership, Organizations, and Real Estate Industry;(c) Leadership, Real Estate and Disruptive Technology: Technological Situational Happenstances; (d) Housing Phenomena in Abuja, Nigeria-A Case Study; (e) Housing in Sub-Saharan African Cities; all published in the United States. Dr. Aluya is an adjunct faculty member of American Heritage University and the University of Riverside, in California.

Dr. Aluya Co-Chaired the scholarly peer-reviewed symposium of “global mindset of leadership and management at the University of Riverside (September 25, 2009). Dr. Aluya is the President of the Journal of Disruptive Technology and the Senior Editor

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